Spring Thoughts


Its kinds amazing how fast the snow melts. This time of year I always worry about flooding if the snow melts too fast. I had quite the pond in my backyard last year. Almost scary.

This spring the snow is melting fast, but not too fast. With the frost deep in the ground I was concerned that it had no where to go. But go it did without issues. So far.

March 2013


Here was my yard a year ago. Pic taken right out the patio door. Thats my driveway in the foreground.

Nothing like that this year which is weird cuz we had so much more snow. But to date no rain. Nice.

For the most part, skiing is done. Im putting storage wax on all the rentals and away they go, making room for bikes and bike stuff. I have turned my groomer keys back in to the park. Ending a successful year.

I continue to have summer thoughts. Or at least spring thoughts. This weekend should be the return of the Saturday morn breakfast ride. Its been gone almost two months for the first time in as long as I can rememeber. 15 years?

But this weekend is looking like a triumphant return as warm temps on Friday will lead into low 20’s Saturday morn. So it might be a pretty good beach ride.

Hope so. We all need to return to normality.

Or at least as normal as possible.


Wa da ya think?

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