Summer Thoughts

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So with the Fatbike Birkie come and gone my mind turns to other things.  Warmer things.

Putting together a big spring bike order. Then a big spring accessories order. With a few clicks of a mouse my inventory doubles.

My bike build thoughts now turn to my Felt F1x. Pretty sure I have everything on order to finish it. 10 speed Di2 Ultegra. TRP Hydro\mech brakes. Shimano PRO seat, post, stem, bar and bottle cage. All matching. Its going to look pretty pro. Its a 57cm frame if anyone is interested when Im done with it.

I always ride a cross bike in spring before a road bike. For several reasons that might not make sense today. First off and mainly, the 34c tires just smooth out the rough roads in spring. This year especially since the pavement took a big hit from the frigid temps this winter. My second reason is pretty much not valid anymore as I would say that Im waiting for all the salt to get washed off before taking my “good” road bike out. But with the state of the art now stamped all over cross bikes they are worth as much as my roadies. I’ll still say that but its kinda bogus now.

However, I hoping to start road riding in a few days and will start on the ol’ Long Haul Trucker. My tour bike.20140312_100604[1]

Steel, 26in  wheels and full fenders. Very heavy. Pretty much the right bike for early spring. I’ll get a few weeks on it as the cross bike wont be done till then anyway. Then the street tires, racks and bags get put back on this guy. And then plan a trip as I missed out last summer.

So once my cross bike is done, then I turn to the road. A Felt AR2. With some personal touches but too much. Its really not my bike. Im just using it. I plan on finishing the summer on a Trek Domane.

Anyway, thats the plan today. Subject to change. My MTB will not get considered until early May. I wait longer for that one cuz its the bike I keep the longest into Fall. In the meantime Im getting 29+ wheels built for my fatbike. 29er rims with 3in tires. That sounds like fun. And should hold me over till my Superfly gets here.

But now Im getting way ahead of myself. Me and my summer thoughts.


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