Last Friday



Well, the lack of posts is because of lack of wifi. So much to talk about. Will do it in steps.

Drove up Thursday. No issues. Its almost a 6 hour drive. We had plans to ski Friday morn but had those dreams dashed by the constant rain. A very cold rain. Sheets of ice on everything. Schools were delayed.


So we hung out at some coffee shops and walked main street Hayward.

We could have skied I suppose but its kinda a bummer to ski in rain. Check out my windshield. Thats close to an inch of ice.

So Friday was kinda a bummer but still nice to be up there. The Lodge we stayed at was nice. Close to all the action. Just a hundred yards from the groomed bike trails. We took a drive to Cable and checked out the start and finish by Telemark.


So there was the hotel. I was hoping to at least peer into the front door to get a glimpse of that lobby but the snow was at least 5 feet by the front doors. Never plowed. This pic is as close as I could get without wallowing in the snow. Still sad to see the place in ruins. I wonder if it was heated this winter. I heard talk about the new owner was not but some people pooled money to keep it at least above freezing in there.

Later in the day a few more from town showed up and we went out for a nice dinner and then to Cable to pick up our bibs for tomorrows race. I went out to walk the Birkie trail a bit and trail reports confirmed it was an ice rink. However word got out that the groomers will be out overnite to clean that up. And race time on Saturday was being reports at 15 degrees. Down from 38 today. Potential for a extremely fast trail. Looks like a high pressure race.


Back to the room early. Bike ready. Ski’s sit dormant. This is the second time we brought ski’s on a long weekend and never touched them this year. Those stairs raised hell with my bum knee. Sucks getting old.

Race day tomorrow.


Wa da ya think?

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