Ice\Other Stuff.



Ice as far as you can see. At last report the Great Lakes is now 90% covered. The record is 94%. Looking at the next week it seems that record will fall. I say since we are so close we might as well cheer on that record. To date, and hopefully a final number, we have had 31 days below zero this winter. That is more than the last 10 years combined. You have to go back to 1978-79 to even get close. Last year we had none. Its not been a normal winter to say the least. One to remember.

I had planned on hitting the trainer this morn but decided to work instead. Just want to make sure everything is done as Im leaving at noon tomorrow. Maybe I’ll sneak in an hour tomorrow morn. Maybe.

To say Im getting exited is an understatement. Just the fact that Im getting away for four days is enough for me to do cartwheels. The skiing and fatbiking is only a plus. But a big plus. I pretty much have to treat this as my last post as Im not sure if I will have time tomorrow morn.

We are staying here.

I am racing this. Scroll down for videos.

On Sunday morn Im doing this. It leaves from my hotels parking lot!

Will hang out in here.               And here too.

And we will ski here on Friday. Ski’d those trail last year in shorts. Temp was 41.


And, well, Im looking ahead as I usually do. When I get to my lodge I will set reservations for May31st. For the Mt Borah Epic.  But thats getting a bit too far ahead. Another reason to hit the Hayward\Cable area. Doing it for real.

Back to today, getting weeks payroll and bills done. Making sure everything is ordered that I need ordered. I will be here tomorrow morn but hope to have nothing needed to do. Except load up the bike and ski’s.

And leave.


Wa da ya think?

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