Getting Stupid\Getting Exited.


First off, -5 on March 3rd is just stupid. Really, its not funny. There is a point where “its winter in Wisconsin” does not cut it anymore. And that point is now. Its over. Please move on. Looking at the 10 day, everyday is getting warmer and I will accept nothing less.

Secondly, the weekend went well. two hours on the fatbike Saturday. Then the cross race directors meeting on Sunday. Both went well. My date is Sept 6th.

Moving on. Its time. I cant hold it in anymore.

Oh my frickin God Im headed to Hayward\Seeley\Cable, WI in three days! Im already packing. I really need this right now. Working the store form open to close 6 days a week since forever. We had planed on leaving as soon as my wife gets off work Thursday (3ish) but this weekend found out that her last day is Wednesday so we are scrambling to leave sooner. The better.

We’ll have the ski’s along and will get in a couple hours. And now there’s a bunch of groomed Fatbike trails to hit. But its the Fatbike Birkie, now the National Championship, that I go for. 500 bikes strong makes it the biggest fatbike race (in the world?) that I know of. What a thrill blasting down the Birkie trail on fresh corduroy. Its surreal. I cant wait. I’ll post more on last years experience later.

With the short week I’ll be busy with store stuff. Car needs to get in for service. Work ahead with payroll and bills. Get the bike ready. Wax ski’s. And hit the trainer at least one more time before, maybe two. A lot to do in 3 days. 

Its hard for me to concentrate on stuff. Like a little kid.


3 thoughts on “Getting Stupid\Getting Exited.

  1. Hope to see you there Dan. We are not racing this year, but we will be spectating/cheering!!! Say hello to the 7k hill for me. Have fun!!!

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