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Big Weekend On Bike


Pretty much the best riding weekend to date. Saturdays 37 miles was the longest of the year. Until the 40 miles on Sunday.

Saturdays group ride had the best beach riding of the year. However I opted to stay on the road with a few other guys. Still riding the Long Haul Trucker but I did put the summer tires back on. 1.5 Kenda 100 psi tires. Those are pretty nice touring tires. Thru out the winter when everyone was on klunky MTB winter beaters I had pretty much had the fastest bike with this Trucker. At least on the road segments. But with the emergence of all the cross bikes my 35 pound bike went from fastest to slowest in a hurry. I suffered this weekend. Some had full on road bikes.

But I believe Sunday was the last spring ride for the Trucker as the Felt cross bike is getting close and should be done by Wednesday. Then the Trucker will have all the racks and bags put back on and will be in full tour mode once again.


The Interurban Trail was very clear in spots and snowed in at others. We had a little walking to do. Hopefully another week and its clear.

Sundays ride had just four of us but at 40 miles and near 3 hours was the longest of the year just beating out Saturdays ride. Those back to back rides should get me back on track in no time. Im hoping a quick shakedown ride on the cross bike maybe Wednesday or Thursday. Then another weekend like this one. That would be good for me.

Its warm today. Near 50. That should help the store a bit.

Time to open.


Missed One

1966818_10152313281382173_1756573356_nSo I was all set to ride this morn. Clothes laid out as usually for my ride mornings. But I got up and saw the snow and ice and just bailed. It was crappy out there.

The I drove the four miles to the store and it was still a bit wet but not as bad. No snow at all. Just a bit of wet road.

Then I drove the 4 more miles south to the park and it was dry and totally rideable. I hate when that happens. This time of year and especially now I get bummed when I miss a perfectly good ride. I need every single one right now.

Last week I was pumped to ride three days in a row. The third day was Saturday and I have not rode since. Just a week before that I was so proud of myself to hit the trainer 4 times in week! I started to lose weight. Then, just as easy as the rides came, they left. For whatever reason. Weather, work, whatever.

Now I feel like Im in the same position as a month ago. Cripes.

So the weekend seems better. The group ride tomorrow will be 30 degrees at ride time. Maybe some beach riding. Maybe not.

Sunday I have plans. Big plans. I want 3 hours in the saddle. I want that badly. Solo or whatever. Looks like 40’s and sunny. Its almost frickin April. Lets do this.

For real.


And Now Its Thursday

cropped-20131218_0923281.jpgNot a lot to say today. Got my Felt spring shipment yesterday. Getting my Trek today or tomorrow. Lots of bikes to build.

My 9zero7 carbon fatbike has lots of buyers looking at it and most likely will be gone in a week. That leaves me without a MTB of any kind. So I will need to look into that. Still on the fence weather I should get Treks EX or Superfly.

The EX makes more sense for me. More travel makes this bike more trail worthy. Smoother on the big hits. At my age I sure could use that. And that bike would make places like Marquette and Copper Harbor a lot easier to ride. Not that I would get there a lot. But just all in all a trail machine.

The Superfly is well, a Superfly. Its geometry is made to move forward as fast as you can. Travel is tuned to climbing efficiently. Last year I rode on on Marquette’s ¬†toughest southern trails and almost went over the bars many times. If I had a EX I would so rail that stuff.

Both bikes cost about the same(a lot). I think I would more fun on the EX but I could sell the Superfly much quicker in this part of the country. So I need to decide if economics will sway my decision. Its not that I wont have fun on the Superfly, its just that I just don’t race a lot anymore and when Im not racing I would have more fun on the EX.

So… ¬†I have to sleep on it a bit. But not too long. Clock is ticking.


Its Wednesday

file foto

Another single digit night last nite. Cripes. I planned a ride this morn but its hard to ride when its only 10 degrees now. Especially when its going to be near 60 on Sunday. I refuse to wear my mid winter stuff anymore. All I ask for now is above 30 degrees. Thats it. And thats still 14 degrees below the average for this time of year so Im not asking a lot. And it does not need to be above 30 at ride time, just at some point during the ride.

So thats it. Spring needs to step up.

Thats said, Im thinking of a long weekend of riding somewhere south. Every year I say that but I think this year its a necessity. Just a 8 to 10 hour drive south can give you 60’s or more soon. Thinking about it for real. Maybe mid April.

Im halfway thru hell week here at store. But no bikes arrived yet which leads me to believe they will come on the same day. The Felts shipped last Friday. Due maybe today. Trek has yet to ship their bunch. But might do so today as Im waiting for a specific model to get in.

Today Im getting the rental bikes squared up. Plenty early but that a good thing. Not sure how many new ones to order. Will ponder that one.

Also will ponder a bike ride since I ditched this morning. Maybe in the morn if its not raining. I actually hope it does as the little snow we got yesterday had the city dump a ton of salt on the roads. My car is white with it. Need to get that washed off. Both road and car. But mostly road….