Spring Fever Without Spring

Spring is but only a thought

Good news! I hit the trainer today for the fourth time in 5 days. Bad news. I could only last 24 minutes before my mind blew up. But anything is better than nothing I guess.

This morn is once again below zero for temp. Crazy. As I drove thru the park this morn I noticed more than one person or couples out walking. At -5 degrees.

I think people are just getting fed up with the temps and getting outside before they go crazy. I think very soon people will come in the store looking at bikes not that they want to get out and ride right now, but want to do something that feels like they are moving past this winter. People have been so couped up. When the first 50 degree day hits its going to be like a explosion here in the store. All the pent up cabin fever will drive people out without even thinking about it. I need to prepare. Its mentally hard to prepare for spring when its -5 outside.

That theory is also tested with the winter sports. The trails are in great shape for skiing. And I think one could ski here maybe into April with the huge base on the trails. But no one cares anymore. No more rental ski’s going out. None. People are just fed up. Including me. I want to put the stores ski’s away. Soon.

Im planning a ride in the morn. Depending how cold it is. Plan B will be some skiing. But two hours on the bike is first choice. Sunday I have a WCA cross race directors meeting and have to leave around noon. So Maybe a little ride before. I have not looked at the temps those mornings but will do so soon.

Come Monday, all I can think about will be the pending trip to Hayward. I’ll  be off my game at the store a few days before I leave. Im pretty pumped to get up there. Im sure you will hear about it.

Have a good weekend.


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