Strange Pics

On a ride in 2009
Outside old store 2010.
Crossvegas 2010
Riding a trail in northern Wisco 2011

Just a quick collection of pics I took either on a ride or at the store or whatever.

Pic 1: Found that guy on a ride and he hung on to my bar for about 10 minutes. Strangely enough, see pic 3.

Pic 2: Some store had this guy as a promotion. He spent more time with us than the store he was hired to promote.

Pic 3: This contraption was at Crossvegas. I forgot what product it was from. Never saw it again anywhere. But it was big. Mounted on a old army truck. Strangely enough, see pic 1.

Pic 4: Stuff you see riding snowmobile trails in northern Wisconsin in the summer.

 I did hit the trainer two days in a row now. First time that happened in many years. And trust me, only because I have to.

You know its time to get off the trainer when you look at the clock four times in the same minute.

Have a great day.


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