Back to Cold.


Another quality weekend if I dont say so. Along with Saturdays fatbike ride was another followed up on Sunday with a couple others. Almost two hours in the woods with temps in the double digits…

The trails are actually great for riding besides a bit of ice. The thaw\freeze late last week helped firm up all the hiking\snowshoe trails and most are easy to ride. No float needed. Just a bite bumpy with all the footprints. But lower your pressure and that smoothed it out pretty well.

The 9zero7 has two rides on it now and my feelings have not changed. Its a great riding bike. Light and agile. Very fun to ride. But I posted on that Saturday.

Today as I walked onto the beach this morn it was 6 degrees. In a day or two it will be negative. I really thought we were past that stuff but I guess one more shot before winter leaves. Whatever.

If this was December I would for sure deal with it. But its March in a few days and Im done. I think Ive had more single digit rides this winter than the last 5 combined. Its not that Im getting soft, its just being so done with it. An hour on the trainer this morn. Thats twice now. And more to come I think.


Temps this week are again up to 30 degrees below normal. So its sit on the trainer and wait for at least the teens to come back. Not for 4 days or so.

In less than two weeks Im headed up to Hayward. You know… that place I really like. Im trying not to get too exited too soon cuz that makes the last few day feel like a month. So it s low key for now.

Other than  that a typical Monday.

Paperwork and such. All kinds of fun stuff.


Wa da ya think?

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