9zero7 Whiteout

Across the river from the store.

I did not plan on getting a carbon fatbike this season.  My Trek Farley with Carver carbon fork was pretty light the way it was.  I promised myself I would not jump on the carbon band wagon until things got sorted out. Word on the street is that Trek will offer several fat bikes for 2015 with one of them maybe carbon. So I was happy with my aluminum frame for now.

So someone walked in the store and insisted I sell him my Farley. The last one. I could not get another one. So I reluctantly pulled the trigger on a 9zero7 carbon Whiteout frame and fork and sold the Farley.

One of the issues with the new frame was the 190 rear spacing. I was just getting used to 170. So I had to build up a new set of wheels and I left that up to Greg at Schlick Cycles. Its the same wheel I had on the Farley. Their Northpaw rim is a narrow 47mm but very light. Im still on that “smaller is better” fatbike bandwagon. I have no need for a 100mil rim.

And as I mentioned earlier, as in the frame, Im waiting to see what happens with the carbon rim stuff. I’ll have a carbon wheelset next fall for sure, but for now its aluminum. Northpaw is light aluminum.

The build is pretty close to my ex Farley. XT shifting, braking and Sram X9 crank with Wolftooth single ring. 28 tooth. FSA carbon bar and post.

I heard some others were having issues with the XT hydro brakes with the seals failing in frigid temps. I guess I can see that but Ive had those brakes on a bike, outside at 5 below overnite and used them no problem in the morning.

The build begins

So the build went smoothly. The 190 rear was no issue with chainline. Man, that hub is wide. But no issues. I had visions of having to order four different types and sizes of crank\cassette spacers but things bolted on straight up. Very nice.

Nice touches to the bike is internal cable routing and thru axles front and rear. Im a big fan of thru axles. The only issue I would call out is the thru axle front and back is not internal threaded but nutted. That front and back axle nut just screams to get lost. That would suck at the trailhead. When all was said and done the bike weighed in at 24 pounds 6oz with XTR pedals. Just over a pound less than my Farley but remember I had everything carbon on that bike also.

After an hour ride it became apparent the thing is fast. I measure every one of my bikes before I sit on them and I hit the cockpit numbers spot on the first time here. Very comfortable and still fast. Weight distribution front to back was summer MTBish. Turns on a dime and stable at speed.


I was a little concerned with race geometry as Im sure the engineers at Trek forgot more about that than 9zero7 knows. But I was pleasantly surprised. Not extremely aggressive rider position but just enough to be pretty damn efficient. I climbed a few hill and it felt just fine. Which is a complement as I suck at climbing. All in all this frame is a two thumbs up and this is the bike I will race in the Fatbike Birkie in two weeks. And well into spring as my all around mountain bike until I get my Superfly sometime early May.

So I did go into this a little apprehensive but am glad I did. And Im now on the 190 rear bandwagon. One size to rule them all.

As a side note the bike will be for sale(its a large) in May. Just sayin’


Wa da ya think?

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