Late Season Grooming

Just got back from grooming. Late season grooming is where your skills need to come out.

20140221_091627[1]The all day rain yesterday took a good chunk out of the base and I had to turn most of it up and use it but that’s what base is for I guess. I set the tines down 4 to 6 inches to turn up all the snow underneath the ice. It worked out well and I brought back at least 90% of the trail. Its not as pretty as it was before but very skiable. Just a couple inches of fresh snow will bring thing back to near perfect. The skiing should be good this weekend.

My Fatbike wheels are set to come today. Then its in the shop to finish that thing up. I hope to ride it tomorrow. I cant do the group ride even if there was one as most of my employees are up in Hayward at the Birkie. So Im alone tomorrow and have to open at 10am. I hope to get in an hour and a half before.

I did notice the all day rain yesterday kinda washed the roads a bit. At least its mostly cement showing now. If it stays that way I will try to get in a couple road miles soon.

Im planning a good weekend of riding and pretty much have to so I  stay off that damn trainer. Weekend weather looks sunny and in the 20’s. Thats all you could ask for in Wisconsin in February.

I’ll let you know how that new fatbike rides….Have a good weekend.



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