Today my thoughts turn to Hayward,WI. Ive only been there a few times. Four times in fact. Just four. Yet its one of my favorite places to be. For a small town its got a ton of awesome stuff.

 This weekend is the Birkie. Pretty much the biggest CC ski race in the country. People come form all over the world. I wonder how many skiers are there fresh from the Olympics? I dont ski that well but someday I would like to be there to watch the eight thousand skiers leave Telemark.

When I think of Hayward, I always include Cable and Seeley, WI. To me its all one place. Its seems nothing happens in Hayward that does not include the others. So from this point on when I say Hayward I mean Hayward\Cable\Seeley,WI

And then I cant stop thinking of Telemark Lodge. I was never there for its heyday. First times were 2001 and 2002 for the Chuammy Fattire 40. I didn’t think much of it then. Not sure why. I stayed in my motorhome in the back parking lot for those races. And, I didn’t go back for 10 years.


Fast forward to 2012. I came back in Sept of 2012 for another shot at the Fat Tire 40. A full 10 years older (42 to 52) and beat my time of 10 years ago by 20 minutes. I had a great time. We stayed in a neet cottage just out of Hayward. It was this time that I took a harder look at Telemark and fell in love with the place and area.  I really took in the history. Its really incredible. This was my only third time to Hayward in my life and I was hooked.

Heres a post about the race.

Heres a post about the cabin.

And while this started to be a post about Hayward it seems to have drifted a bit tword Telemark Lodge. But really how could you talk about one without the other. It was another year and a half before I went back up. And that was for the inaugural Fat Bike Birkie in March of 2013. A year ago. That was for sure the strangest stay up there. And the coolest. First time staying right at Telemark. And sadly most likely the last. It closed for what is most likely for good 3 days after we left.


I was part of the last group to stay there. And what a stay we had. I wont go into it in detail here but will include a few posts from that weekend.

Heres the first nite.

Heres another post.

It was on that very last stay did I take in the complete history of that Lodge. Reading about it now is kinda a hobby of mine.

The race was fun also. Thats me in the green. You may not see it but you could not slap the smile off my face. That was also a great weekend.

So what if Ive only been up there 4 times. I love the area just as much as the next guy. Maybe just as much as the people who live there. Its on my mind today as a ton of friends are leaving to head up there to ski their ass off.

That, and the fact that Im also heading up for another FatBike Birkie in two weeks. I cant wait! I will be taking part in my first National Championship! I am hearing that many big names will show up. Very cool.

Of course, Im not staying at Telemark. I have a room at The Lenroot Lodge in Cable (or is it Seeley?) that came highly recommended.

 At this point Im not sure if the race starts or ends there but for sure I will get there and will look in the windows for awhile. And make a wish.

Last goodbye before closing.

So good luck to all those headed up to Hayward this weekend! I’ll be doing the same thing in 14 days…..


2 thoughts on “Hayward

  1. Hey Dan,
    If you want to see every skier in the Birkie, you should join me, Gary Crandall and a dozen or so goofy people that gather at the 1st Power Line climb and bang drums, make noise and cheer all the racers up that monster hill.
    It’s an incredible sight seeing the never ending waves of skiers coming at you.
    We stay until the last skier, about 3 hours, and see EVERY skier entered, (Birkie/Korte/Prince Haakon) and have a great time.
    Bad weather/roads cancelled this years trip. But I can give you the info next year if tou can make it.

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