It Was Inevitable.


What a beautiful day outside.  Sun and 35 degrees at 8am. While its not going to last its a indication that there’s light at the end of this winter. It makes me smile.

Today is bike day at the store. I go thru all the pending work orders that came in over the last month with the statement “dont need it till spring” on it. I dont mind offering free storage. But its near go time. I’ll put together my spring bike order too and plan on that hitting in two weeks or so….

Still waiting for the fatbikes wheels. Any day. Hope to ride it a lot this weekend.

And so it happened. It was inevitable.


My first trainer ride. Just under an hour. Not bad for day one. I did find an awesome place to put it. Just moved a bunch of kids bikes and now I have a spin with a view.  If I get there early enough I can get some sun too! So today spring training starts for real. Get to the store early, lock the door and blast the tunes. This cant come at a better time as my weight gain and lack of movement is at worst its ever been. Another hour tomorrow morn.

Its game on.


Wa da ya think?

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