Im Cold.


Another snow yesterday. Another one coming Thursday. I guess I will need to suppress my feeling for spring. Go with the flow.

 Its been quite a week for the store already. Internet out Monday. Heat out today. It took ATT four hours to fix the internet, lets hope the furnace people can do better than that later today. Its 52 degrees in the store this morn.

The fatbike is pretty much done. Waiting for the wheels. Its a 190 rear spacing so no wheels I have would work. Im getting another set of Northpaws laced to 9zero7 hubs. Hope to have them in a day or so. Im not sold on the wide rear. While Im sure it makes sence to build a frame that fits pretty much anything from a 29+ to 100mm Clownshoe with 5in tire.

But Im pretty sure I would not go that big. Maybe someday but not right now with the bike going in race mode…  Im not sure what the “standard” will be in rear spacing. I just figured out 170 chainline. Now I gatta do it again.

There are so many rim\wheel\tire\driveline options even the manufacturers have no idea what works and what doesn’t. I hope that soon the manufacturers figure out a standard to such a simple component. It would be cool to just flip wheels between bikes. Im happy with 170. But I’ll give 190 a try with the carbon 9zero7. Maybe it wont be too much fudging to make it work.

Thats a wide rear.

At some point this week I gatta get out and groom the park. Im waiting to see what happens Thursday. Hopefully the store will be warmer by then.


Wa da ya think?

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