Death of a Bike


I forgot to post Friday. Most likely had nothing to say anyway. Today I sit in the store and wait for the impending 4 to 6 inches that is supposed to fall during the day. At this point I hope it just the 4. Thats added to the 3 we got Sunday. Lots of snow.


The base on the ski trails is over a foot. Its up to the seat of the picnic tables. Looks like we will be skiing well into March. Warm temps this week but cooling off next week. The rentals were completely out this weekend. Hope to do that a couple more times before the snow is gone.


Sunday had a few of us fatbiking on the shores of the lake. It was a good hour and a half. Saturday morn was in the single digits so I put in two laps on the ski’s. Sadly that was the longest ski for this winter but was feeling good after. So I got out both days this weekend. Pretty much the first time in a month that happened. For sure the more I move the better I feel. Need to keep it rolling. Have plans to hit the trailer. For real this week.


Sunday was my final ride on the Farley. As I type its getting disassembled. And once again one of my favorite bikes is gone. The frame is sold with lower level components and wheels. Much of the stuff here will go on my 9zero7 carbon frameset. I hope I like that bike as well as this one.


Since a lot of this bike is carbon already I dont think I will lose more than a couple pounds. Maybe even just one pound. Once this bike is dead and the other is alive I’ll post my thoughts on that.

With the Birkie just 3 weeks away Im making a last ditch attempt to lose even just 5 pounds. Anything will help. Anything.

Id better get to work. Will see how far I get on the bike today……


Wa da ya think?

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