Like putty in my hands. 845am

What a awesome groom this morn. The trails are in the best shape in a decade. Its so nice to have the trails whipped into shape in just a few pass’s. In the past I would have been out there for hours trying to make something out of nothing. Now Im done in an hour and a half.

With the cold temps a thing of the past (kinda) the best skiing is going to be here in the next few weeks. Tons of snow and 30’s for temps will make the woods pleasurable. I see a spike in the store’s rentals.

Todays thoughts are the same thoughts I get this time of year. I would love to get in some good skiing yet but also Ive had enough winter to hold me to next November so I wish spring here. I cant have it both ways.

So my thoughts are conflicted in the upcoming weeks. I love the good skiing but I also would not mind some 3 hour rides on the cross bike in the upper 40’s. Actually I need those ride sooner than later to help with weight loss.

Snow and road bikes do not mix.

Ive been known to push spring a bit and get the road bikes out a little early. Back when this pic was taken I did not own a cross bike. But now I do. Cross bikes are for early spring riding. However there’s a few in our group with some high end carbon bikes. So they keep them in the basement until the weather is perfect. So then why even have one?

I hope to have my cross bike done soon. But first things first. The 9zero7 build starts Monday. Most likely my last ride on the Farley will be Sunday.

As far as spring thoughts go, I will try and hold off dreaming of riding without excessive winter clothing until after the Fatbike Birkie on March 8th. That sounds reasonable. But come March 9th it will be full on bring on spring.

So, there’s my timeline. But if spring starts a bit sooner I would not complain.


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