Back To Normal


Winters grip will be gone in mere hours now. 30 degrees tomorrow. And pretty much ongoing. In the past not a big deal but this winter has been especially hard. I think I saw somewhere that 20 out of the last 30 days had negative temps. Thats brutal. But we all survived. Maybe a few more pounds heavier but at least I didnt jump off a cliff.

Hopefully things get back to normal. At least normal for winter. Back to the Saturday group ride. Back to a couple mornings on the fatbike. Maybe some skiing on the weekend. And with the moderate temps it wont hurt as much if you dont dress right. My last two bike rides were single digits. And that seems like a million years ago.


Here’s my next build. 9zero7 fattie. I had not planned on going carbon until the fall but a customer came in and insisted on buying my Farley. So I sold it with the provision that he cant have it until the new bike is done. With the 190mm rear spacing I have to build a new wheelset for it so I think thats the only hangup but hubs should be here maybe tomorrow and I’ll get this done right after the weekend. Kinda pumped. I dont think its a ton lighter than what I have now. Im guessing maybe a pound when said and done.

Tomorrow I need to get out and groom the ski trails. Its been two weeks since but the cold temps just would not leave. I dont own enough clothing to groom in negitive temps. Tomorrow morn will be 15 degrees. I would love to ride but need to get this done first. So no post tomorrow.


Wa da ya think?

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