Bike Builds

-4 again this morn. 845am

Winter wins again! -4 again this morn. Hows that for sounding like a broken record. How bad did I date myself by saying that?

Today I got closer to the trainer. I brought extra clothes and a towel to the store. So now Im ready. But in two days the temps rise. Its going to be a close one here. Too close to call right now.

Right now Im thinking ahead. Ive got two bikes to build. First is a carbon 9zero7 Whiteout fatbike thats going to be here in two days. I will strip the Farley down and rebuild the Whiteout. The Farley frame is sold already. That took one day. Im waiting on the new wheelset as the rear spacing is 190. Im not a fan of 190 but will give it a shot. It does make sense if you want to run a 100mil rim no offset. I dont but if thats going to be a new standard then so be it. In fact Im getting another set of 47mil Northpaws. And of course it will be the rig I use at the Fat Bike Birke in a month. I’ll want that bike done at least two weeks before to work out the bugs. Then….

Di2 spring ride.

I got this cross bike to build. Ive had the frame since November. This will be the ride I start off the spring with. I still have time but cant keep putting it off too much longer. Its a Felt F1X frame. Then almost everything else will be Shimano\Pro. Ultegra Di2. Easton wheels. Mechanical disk brakes.

I love building bikes from scratch. Its kinda a hobby aside from the store. Pick up a nice frameset and start with a clean slate. Its fun for me. Then I ride the bike for a bit. Then sell it. And start another one.

I used to just demo stock bikes from Trek or Felt and ride those but wheres the fun in that? All my personal bikes start from scratch.  Almost all. Not my road bike. Thats the genre of bike I ride the least. And as far as MTB I still do in a way since I get a Project One Trek Superfly. So I pick and choose that bike too but then its shipped to me that way.

Nice ride for a short time.

Remember my Trek Crockett? That was a fun build. Sram Red 22 hydro. Loved it. Its dead now. At least to me. Im sure most of you know that the brakes and shifters were recalled. I complained and got to return the entire driveline. Sold the frame. The bike had a short life but was a good ride. The handlebar\stem combo lives on with the Felt cross.

So thats how I spend some of my winter downtime. Building, planning and scheming the next bike. Its a perk of owning a bike store that I take full advantage of.

And why shouldn’t I?


Wa da ya think?

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