I Just Lost.


Good and bad weekend. Once again the weather won. But not really. I just lost.

We headed up to Fish Creek around 10am Saturday. A little late but no biggie. Plans were to get there, eat some lunch, check in and go skiing around 1pm. We arrived only a little later than I thought but after we ate lunch it was around 2pm so I decided to ditch the ski. We took a drive to the tip of the Door peninsula, thru the park a little and then just went out to eat at a nice place. Yeah, lots of eating with no skiing.

Sunday came around and we had to get out of the hotel by 11 so we were out by 10 and at the local coffee house. Again, with no ambition to ski. We have breakfast and just drove home. Kind of a bummer. And we for sure could have gotten outside a little but I just had no ambition. Sure, it was cold. I guess Im losing in the ambition battle. Such a long cold winter and its just getting harder to dress for 40 min and wear 20 pounds of clothing just to get out for an hour. Looking ahead, its -4 this morn but 30’s by the weekend. Just a few more days. I can hang on for just a few more days.

So it was not the weekend I had planned but it was nice to get away. But a bit expensive just to spend 24 hours away from the house. In hindsite I knew I was feeling beat. I knew the temps were single digits. I knew how much money it was going to cost but I went anyway. I could have waited a week or so. The 10 day shows 30’s ongoing starting Thursday. So I guess I made the wrong decision in going but thats life. At least my life.


On the way home we stopped in Sturgeon Bay to see how many ships are hanging out there for the winter. Turns out 7 big ships are there. Took some pics and left.

Got home around 2pm Sunday and sat on the couch.

It appears I am in a pretty good rut here and Im going to have to snap out of it soon. Or my spring will be long. And disappointing. Believe me, no one is more exited about the above freezing temps on the horizon. This Jan\Feb was the worst Ive had personally. Since the Holidays I’ve put on a lot of weight. I’m embarrassed to say I’m up to 275 from my summer weight of around 250ish. And I feel every pound. On the bike. On the ski’s and even walking up the stairs. Its just hard to get going when Im not a gym person. Or a trainer (which I have yet to touch) person. And its constantly below zero every morn. I dont think Im in the boat alone tho. The Saturday group ride was non existent. With me being the only bike twice in the last month. I think we all have a lot of work to do before spring. Or most of us anyway. I need to come up with a plan.


Wa da ya think?

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