Friday Bonus Post

file foto

Again the weather wins. I bailed on the trail grooming this morning since it was -4 degrees. I dont think I own enough clothes to wear to groom that cold. The trails are still in pretty good shape and maybe I need to lower my standards a bit.  But I do take some pride in keep nice trails.

The file foto on left is the trails dying a slow death last year.  Last winter I groomed three times all season and it rained the next day almost every time. This season I have groomed more than the last four years combined!

I think the best skiing is yet to come. Soon the temp will at least moderate and the huge base will have the snow there for some time. The base today is the best its been in a decade at the park. Some places almost a foot deep.

Here’s my rig.

Since this a bonus post, one I thought I would be able to write I make it short. But maybe a little more about the weekend. At least once a winter(and about 3 times a summer) I take off to Door County, Fish Creek to be specific. Mostly because of Peninsula Park but not entirely. The town is super small but fun to be in. Lots of small shops that I have been in a million times. Nice restaurants to eat at. Its a tourist town.

Its also only a two hour drive to a place where you surrounded by water on three sides. Just a neat place to be for awhile. I try to arrange a bike tour up there and have done so three times but skipped last summer. Will do this summer for sure.


Its just a nice weekend getaway thats close.

But again the temps have made us change plans a bit. Both Saturday and Sunday we plan on skiing the park around 1pm, the warmest time for both days. We had planed on leaving tonite but changed that to tomorrow morn. Nothing really to do up there when its -5 for temp so we will drive up during that time of day. Stopping in Sturgeon Bay to see the big ships on the way up.

A shortened weekend getaway is better than none. And again, have a warm weekend.


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