Winter Wins. Kinda.


Once again the cold trumps. Neg 4 this morn. I give up. Winter wins. No outside activity today. Just a visit to my happy place. Saw an eagle. The sun was out so I park the car by the lake and open the window and let the sunshine hit my face. It helps.

DSCN3840“Hello old friend. Its been most likely a year since. I hate you and glad I have you at the same time”

I just dont know how others put in so much time on a trainer. Some just have no problem with it. But as much as my body says “do it” my mind says “no way”.

However, at some point in winter, like now, my weight gain spirals out of control and this contraption is a necessity. So I’ll start using it. I’ll start tomorrow. No.. Monday.

I have plans this weekend. Im off to Door County.– Fish Creek.– Peninsula Park.

Once again, like Marquette several weeks ago, Im watching the temps. Not the best. Pretty much below zero in morn, maybe 15 degrees for a high early afternoon. Normally I would ditch with those temps but I just cant keep putting off stuff like this anymore. I was pretty upset with bailing on the Marquette race. Something I was looking forward to for months. And even tho me and my wife will most likely be skiing in single digits Im going anyway. Hitting up shops in Fish Creek and stuff was always a thing but we will just have to find something else to do. Being outside after dark will not be fun.

Ive let this cold weather have its way with me at times but not all the time. If I ditched this weekend the next time I’ll be able to leave town would be for the Fatbike Birkie March 7th. Another month. No way could I go another month.

I need this now. I’ll dress warm.

This most likely will be my Friday post. Im grooming the park ski trails tomorrow morn, then will be busy with store stuff until I leave town for the weekend of skiing, fine dining and goofing around.

So have a great weekend.


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