Winter Ongoing

Awesome trails

While I do dream of sunny road bike rides the fact is that there is a ton of good winter yet. Pining for spring so early would be a mental mistake. Right now the trails are in the best shape in a decade.

This morn I was out skiing to add to my 5 day a week activity schedule. Tomorrow I have a bike ride planned. Just keeping it rolling. The snow has been the best ever but its the temps that put a dampener on this winter. The rest of the week is again below zero in the morning and Im sure I will be on the trainer in the next few days. Its a long winter when your stuck indoors with negitive temps. But Im thinking that in just around 20 days it will start to warm during the day. Then it will be game on. Warm temps with lots of snow. It should be a good ending to this winter. March might be the best winter sports time all season.

I did have a great ski this morn and as of today Im planning to hit up Door County for some skiing this weekend. I always thought I would ditch the skiing but the more I do it the better and more fun I have. Like anything else. And I need some time away really bad. So Im out even if its too cold to ski…. just find something else to do.

With tomorrows bike ride that will make 4 out of the last 5 days being outside doin’ stuff. Im feeling better all around. Need to keep it up and lose 10 pounds by Birkie time (March 8th). Im riding out in Greenbush on the States MTB trails that get hiked in pretty good and is so firm that you dont need a fatbike to ride it. So that should be fun. Tomorrows post around this same time.


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