Training Ride #1


There comes a time right about now that I take my riding a little more serious. I guess its around February 1st. I take notice on how much winter weight I put on (a lot) and start thinking I’d better get going. My rides go from tooling around to maybe a little bit of cardio thrown in.

Saturday in falling snow.

 And thats what I did on Saturday. Since I was once again the only one on the group ride in the morning. It was snowing like crazy then. An inch an hour at ride time. I guess I would have been reluctant to go on a road ride also.

But since I have a bike with really fat tires its not so bad. And… its easy for me to get some heart rate. Fatbikes are great for training. Even if you tool down the road its much easier to get heartrate than say a road bike. With the big tires they ride smooth and you can concentrate on what your doing easier cuz your not going 30mph.

So I’ll call Saturday training ride #1. And call game on in the weight loss dept. Starting tomorrow its either a ski\ride\trainer for me 5 out of 7 days. Its a bag of apples here in the store for snack time.

Sunday was another kinda of eye opener. We headed to another trail system and tried some hiking trails. They were ridable but kinda soft. No problem as I have the 4.7 Vee tires on. For tires Im as fat as I can go on my bike. However with my bodyweight I still struggled. Even with the fattest tires out of the bunch I was breaking thru a ton. I actually bailed halfway thru the ride. And made the decision that when you as big (bodyweight) as I am it just does not matter what tire\rim you run. You just suffer.

Today I decided to take off the 80mil rims with the 4.7 tires and go back to the 47mil and 3.7 Nates. Exactly where I was a month ago. While Im sure it makes a difference in float, its just not that much of one. I can run low pressure on my Nates or Nards just as well. Bottom line is the bigger tires\rims did not let ride anywhere else the thinner setup does. So I’ll put the thinner stuff back on and subtract the two pounds of rotating weight. And move on.

The Vee Snowshoes are good tires. Excellent in snow. Pretty much the biggest tire I can run in my Farley. I liked them. But if I had to knock them I would say they handle like my Moonlander did. Kinda sluggish in the tight stuff. Which makes sense since they are a pretty big tire. Just not what I like for the way I ride. But if your looking for float they fit the bill perfectly.

So ongoing I will be riding a bit harder than norm. And will do my best to ride or ski outside. But the trainer is set up and ready to go if needed. If needed only.



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