Another Friday. Daydreaming of what to do with the weekend. As always, I hope the Saturday morning group ride happens. If not thats fine. I’ll fatbike by myself.

I have new tires to try out anyway. New Vee Snowshoe. Like anything fatbike the only choice has been Surly for tires. Little by little others have trickled in. Most being just OK and nothing that would make me move away from my Nates and Knards. Until today.

They call out a 4.7 and are noticeably bigger than the Nates but not that much bigger. But you can notice it anyway. I did notice that both tires came in lighter than the Nates. I also noticed they are cheaper than the Nates too.

All the demos and tests came out favorable in all the forums. I’ll get to ride then Sunday, if not Saturday. Depending on weather.

Looks like more snow Saturday. I just groomed at the park. Maybe again on Sunday? Ive groomed the ski trails more this year than the last three combined! And thats a good thing I guess. I’ll need to hold winter thoughts for a bit yet. Dare not turn the corner and look for spring just yet.

I’ll have my personal thoughts on those tires on Monday. But I think they are keepers.

Have a good weekend.


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