Strange Thoughts

file foto  Sunny and warm!

Let me do a complete 360 ( I really mean 180). I really am a winter guy. You pretty much have to be living in Wisconsin. But there comes a time in every winter where I turn the corner. When I have had enough and think warm thoughts. That time has not yet come but it is not far off. Maybe three weeks out.

Those thoughts are triggered by many things. A good rain that washes away the ski trails (which Im grooming this afternoon). Also the arrival of my road bike. I have a Felt AR2 sitting on the floor waiting for some miles. I walk past it many times everyday and soon I will want to ride it. The more I see it, the more I want it to be 70 degrees. Its just screams summer.

Another thing that triggers it is when the temps are so low that you just hunker down for days. Then, temps moderate and you get back outside and  you get so pumped about being out that you wish you could just ride more. Any bike. Without dressing for 40 minutes.

I have thought many times about taking a warm extended weekend trip to road ride in February. Its a good thought in theory but its when the store is slowest and the extra money just is not there. Bummer.

I try not to make the mental switch too soon. Thats just brutal switching to summer mode too soon. You think its close enough to many get in a few miles on that new road bike and it snows the next day.

This morning I did a few laps at the park on the ski’s. It was nice and all, but I would rather be riding. Did I ever get on the trainer? No, not yet. But I think Im kinda done with the skiing. I mean, I’ll go one or two more times but I wont ditch a bike ride to do it. I could have rode the fatbike just as easy today.

So I will hold off on the California dreamin’ as long as I can. But no guarantee’s.


Wa da ya think?

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