Too Much Snow?

Ive somewhat come to a conclusion.

Marquette gets too much snow?

The bike trail system posted these two pics from yesterday.


1619127_810549535626793_15222194_nShowing the drifted over trails.

Do they just get too much snow there to keep up? The weekend we were there it snowed quite a bit the nite before. Every trail system that is volunteer has only so much they can do. Is it too much to deal with up there? While I agree when the trails are spot on the riding up there is spectacular but how often is that? 50% of the time? That would be tough odds to plan a trip up there a month out.

Absolutely not knocking those guys up there. For grooming bike trails they are cutting edge. I guess you have to be to try that much harder keeping up with all that snow. I wonder how much time those guys spend on those snowmobiles. Now, besides the groomer they have a “plow” apparatus that clears the snow off before they run the groomer thru. They need to remove the snow from the snow trails.

I am tentatively planning another weekend up there Feb 22 and 23. Im wondering if I should rethink that. Find somewhere where with better odds at better conditions. Maybe late Feb would give us better odds at firm trail up there? I dont know.

But I can kinda feel for them. I groom the local ski trails at our State Park and I know you have to make the time regardless. I can pretty much guess there is a guy up in Marquette getting burned out, not able to ride so much. When he’s not working or sleeping he’s grooming. Its not easy being the king of snowbike trails. We all have expectations.

I have some more thoughts on those snowbike trails for another day. Maybe tomorrow.


Wa da ya think?

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