70 Hours Of Below

915am  -8 on the lake.

Polar vortex moving in. Woke up to -8 and dropping all day.

Today and tomorrow will be one of those days to get a lot of accounting done in the store. -15 tomorrow morn. The next 70 hours will be brutal. And not physically, mostly mentally. Stuck indoors.

I made a good call on bailing on Marquette race this weekend. -2 are race time. It appears only 39 bikes lined up. Thats sad. But no one can control the weather.

Sunday at 1pm

Saturday had no riding or skiing. Single digits with 35mph winds pretty much cancelled the group ride. So I worked all day.

Sunday I saw a window at about 1pm of  double digits(about 12 degrees) and no wind so three of us went for it. Had a good ride. Over an hour and that was a lifesaver as far as the weekend go’s. The woods was a little soft but the beach was firm underneath the 4 inches of fluffy snow we got. So glad I got out.

That riding window was small and before we finished the winds picked back up and temps started to plummet. And are still plummeting as we speak this morn.

I dont know how many times Ive threatened myself with that trainer upstairs but pretty soon Im going to follow thru. I mean it. Its for the best, I tell myself.

I just realize that in four weeks or so its going to start getting warmer. So hang on. Its going to get better soon. I dont need  springlike temps, just not the brutal crap like the next few days.



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