Eagles Part 2



Building on the left with the small white sign is my store. Looking up, the dot to the right of the tall chimney (with what looks like a man standing on it. Its a fake chimney sweeper. Been there for decades) is a Bald Eagle that flew along the river right past the store. I saw it as I drove up this morn, drove over to the other side of the river to get a pic of the bird flying past the store. By the time I got out of my car he was that far away already. Again, I watched until he flew out of site. And I cant believe how cool this scenario is. What a great way to start my day. I wish I had my camera. This pic was from my phone.


Here’s another crappy pic from my phone. Flew right over my head.

I guess the chimney sweeper guy on top of that tall chimney looks weird to you. So lets talk about him. To me, its a thing that’s been there as long as I can remember. I dont have all the history behind it.

file foto

Here is a close up of that dude. Kinda scary looking. All I know about it is that it was once a shoe factory. And again, been there since I was a kid (or longer). But always a weird site on the Sheboygan skyline. Some times one can forget about cool stuff like this when you see it everyday, and then never notice it again.

Its Friday and I always try set up my weekends activities. But today nothing is set in stone. I was going to ski this morn but had no ambition when I woke up (see yesterdays post) So I did not. Tomorrow I want to do the group ride but not sure how that going to go. Again crappy riding weather looms. Its looking like maybe 10 to 12 degrees but 35 mph wind gusts. The temps I can handle. The wind I cannot. Blowing and drifting roads.

However if someone joins me Im just stupid enough to do it too.

After that time, the temps are set to plummet. Tuesdays high will not make it to the positive. This is getting old. Getting old fast. Im too old for this crap.

So whatever I do or dont do outside Saturday will have to hold for about 5 or so days. Ive walked past the trainer a few times and gave it a dirty look. It knows I dont like it. And knows its day is coming. Sooner than later.

I promise to hold off as long as I can. Have a good weekend.


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