Lack Of



As I mentioned earlier Im setting up my spin bike today. Nice little area upstairs at the store. Maybe in front of a window. This is the worse time of year for me. No sunlite, throw in the super cold temps, slow days at the bike store. Bike riding is at a all time low.  Ambition takes a huge hit. Lately it takes 40 minutes just to dress for a ride.

Nobody got time for dat!

Living here my entire life you would think I would be used to this scenario. And for the most part I am. But when the temps struggle to get out of the negative every day it does wear you down. Remember last Saturdays group ride was 9 degrees and I was the only one to show. At the time I was kinda pumped. But today five days later I wonder. Maybe Im just pushing it. Maybe Im putting too much into it just for the sake of riding a bike.

But I cant run more than two minutes and I can ski but do struggle with it so bike riding is all I have really. Its just what I do.

Ditching this up coming weekend was the right call for me. If I was heading up with the guys I would for sure go. But I had planned a weekend with my wife and its just too cold. Which now has me thinking…..

Today Im thinking of another long weekend since Im not spending any money this weekend. And its a trip south, not north. Maybe a long weekend in warmer temps. Ive never done that. Ive never took a mid winter warm trip. Maybe thats what I need to recharge. How about four days of road riding in shorts. Now thats got me thinking.

But most likely too expensive. Do I fly? Or waste 2 or more days driving to and from the destination? Ship the bike? Time for some research. How far south would I have to go? I’ll take 60’s for temps. Thats short sleeves for me.

Most likely a dream for me. Mid winter in a bike store has me living on a strict budget. I think to do this right would cost a grand when all said and done. Still, I’ll look into it.

I groomed the ski trails this morn. It was 3 degrees when I started. I usually have fun doing that but not today. And it was needed before the weekend.

Hours later Im still cold and just cranked the heat up in the store….

Thats all for today. I need to go put some bindings on a set of ski’s…


Wa da ya think?

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