Marquette Cancelled. For Now.

Pretty bummed to announce I will not be going to Marquette this weekend for the race.

Love this place.

Just looking at the temps. While I would have no problem racing in the single digits on Sunday, its the rest of the time spent up there that would suck. I had planned on doing some skiing with my wife Fri\Sat. But its going to be below zero in the mornings there. And it s not like a summer visit where you can spend time walking up and down the street visiting shops, the lakefront or the park.

And spending all that time and money to do a hour long race and nothing else just is not worth it. So.. maybe another trail riding trip up later this winter.

Im pretty bummed about not only not hitting up that town but just not getting away at all. I love those mini vacations where you have no itinerary and just hang out somewhere. Im pretty good at finding things to do in that respect. Hope I can find a replacement weekend soon. And of course there is a small chance I will change my mind. This is the first time that I pre- registered for a race, paid for it and then bailed. Maybe that will eat at my soul in the next 48 hours….

We, along with Marquette and all the towns in between are heading into another below zero deep freeze. This one looks like about a week long starting today. Not good for my fitness and weight. Today Im setting up my spin bike. Im already dreading it.

Looking at the temps, it looks like tomorrow is my best shot at grooming the ski trail. It might be above zero and looks like the warmest heading into the weekend. I always try and get that done for the weekend.

So there is is my Wednesday.


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