Weekend Ride\Ski\Ride

Not a bad weekend I spose. Two bike rides and a ski. Not the worst in that respect.

Saturday had me prep for the group ride. Got to the store, nobody showed. I kinda knew that I might be solo so I re-biked and grabbed the Farley. Leaving the usual Saturday ride, the Surly Trucker, in the warm store.

Supposed to be a group ride.

It was a balmy 9 degrees.

Arrived at the lot at 830 and was not surprised to find no one there. I can only remember this happening once before, maybe 8 or so years ago.

So I had a nice solo ride and glad I had the fatbike as it was a nice run in the woods and the beach. Two hours solo. I always kinda felt I was getting soft in my old age in regards to foul weather riding but this kinda gives me a shot in the arm. I can still do it.

Sunday I had made plans with others to ride the fat tires once again. But with the ride closer to noon I snuck out for a quick ski in the local park.  Just a 40 minute lap before the bike ride. Ive decided on that lap that I will not try skate skiing. At all. Ive been flip flopping back and forth on that issue, and I do have the equipment to do so, but really, I just dont do it enough to learn the form needed to do that. And Im in the local park the most anyway and its (I dont) not groomed for skating at all.


Sundays fat ride was nice. 5 of us. The woods was well trampled down but a bit bumpy with all the footprints. But no biggie. The beach was a bit rough too but still fun to ride. Another two plus hours on the bike.


Right about this time of year, or this time of winter I should say, I start getting a bit of cabin fever. On Sunday the sun came out and I almost had to stop riding for a second. I forgot what that looked like. Its been so long. And the lack of sunlite affects me greatly. Its easy to get depressed and my weight skyrockets. With both accounts showing up on cue. The next month is going to be a tough one for me. Store is in hibernation and I try my best not to be personally. Just hunker down at ride it out I guess. Literally.

And wait for the sun to come back.


Wa da ya think?

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