Slow Friday

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Not a whole lot to mention today. Pretty sure I broke my thumb yesterday. Swollen and unusable. Its taped to my index finger.

This morn I went for what is sadly my second ski of the winter. My first ski was a disaster. This morning was much better. Maybe 3 miles at most. Dont want to over do it. I would like to ride in the morning.

I groomed the ski trails yesterday so they are good to go this weekend. Hope the ski rentals are up and running. This month is most likely the worst in bike shop history. Not that sales are down ( they are) but the days a long and lonely. I bring a book to read.

Now’s the time to clean and build new displays inside the store. I really wish I would have gotten to that spin studio this fall. Maybe I’ll spend some time working on the studio for next year. (Probably not.)

Besides the poorly attended Saturday morning group ride Im trying to get a Sunday local Fatbike ride going. Before the football games. I’ll do as much as my thumb lets me.

And thats about it. Have a great weekend.


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