Skinny Fat

1015am Fatter wheels.

Got in a nice hour and a half this morn. Took a pretty good high speed digger and sprained my thumb. It hurts. Whatever.

I take a lot of crap for running the 47mm rims. All the other bikes with Clown Shoes and Darryls laugh at me. They tell me my footprint is inadequate. So today is the first ride on those 70mm wheels I just got.

Last year I started on a Moonlander with 100mm wide rims. Thats fine if you are always riding in deep sand. Then I went to 62mm Marge lites. Even then I got looked at funny. So when I got the 47mm Northpaws as far as everyone was concerned I was crossing the line and was no longer fat. (the bike, that is)

So I gave the wider wheels a try today. And the trails were so well packed with rock hard snow it made no difference. And that’s my point exactly. My pressure? 12 in front. 15 in back. No issues.

With all the grooming going on how much float is actually needed? Some, yes. And I do understand the theory of a bigger wheel makes the tire bigger which makes the footprint bigger which makes the float better. But what good is a boatload of float when your not using it. Or need it. Its all extra baggage of rotating weight.

This last weekend was a learning experience for me personally. I ran the pressure lower than I ever did. Three pounds had me near the rim. And it was not enough float to ride on the soft trails. But really, these 70 mil wheels would not have made enough difference to keep me riding on that trail anyway. Even the skinny guys reported tough sledding even tho it was doable for them.

I dont know, this is just my personal opinion. I guess if Im inconvenienced only 5% of the time I can live with a lighter, faster nimbler wheel. Someday I might change my mind but Im putting the smaller wheels right back on. I would be doing that anyway in a week for the race up in Marquette.

I take the two pounds back off the bike and stick with the Northpaws. For now.

I guess it matters how, when and where you ride these bikes. I consider these bikes a year round deal for me. And in the summer there is no argument against the thinner rim.

And next fall there will not be a argument from me anymore as I will for sure be on carbon. Super light. Super fast. Super wide.

Unless someone comes out with a 47mill carbon wheelset.

Can anyone say 1200 grams? Bring it!


2 thoughts on “Skinny Fat

  1. Yeah, in theory, rim and tire width make a difference when things get soft, But since I started Fat Biking in 2010, I’ve noticed that rider skill is just as, if not more important than tire/rim width in the soft stuff.
    Ride what you want, enjoy the ride.

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