Bike Angels


Here you have the bike angel. On the side of the groomed trail you see these. (thats what Yoda said)

Its the remnants of a clip fall. When you cant get you foot out of that damn pedal. We all have done it.

On walking or shoeing trails you gatta keep your balance. The firm part of the trail is narrow. Less than a foot sometimes. Stray just a little and your front wheel sinks. You stop dead. You tip over. You leave a bike angel.

I cant count how many times I did that last weekend up in Marquette. I noticed the locals were mostly on flat pedals. That makes more sense I guess. And not that you cant pull up or control the bike better but how many of us struggled just to get clipped in. Many times I had to pound my boots on the pedals before I could clip in my XTR spd’s. A few of us had to stop to clean out the cleat\pedal. Others just said screw it and rode not clipped in.

I’ll clip in when I race up there in two weeks (10days) but would consider a flat on the trails. Especially the North trails. Very slow, twisty turny tight. Flats would work there much better. I’ll bring some flats with me next time. Just in case.

We dont have much stuff like that here. Some woods but nothing so tight.

I have a set of new wheels on the Farley. I had them for a few weeks but just put them on. Lower end Origin8 70mm. Both hubs and rims. The front hub has normal disk spacing so you don’t need an adapter to space out the rotor. Thats nice.


I’ll use these as more of a “winter trail” wheelset. And use my 47mm Northpaws for summer and racing. Changing to these wheels added a full two pounds to the bike. They are not the lightest. But not that bad. And not bad for a complete wheelset that retails for around $400 bucks complete. Half the price of some others. I’ll toss the Northpaws/Nates back on when I head back to Marquette for the race.

Its hard to say if I had the wider rims last weekend would have let me stay on the trail. Im going to say no. The other bigger guys who were breaking thru were on 70mm and 82mm rims. The difference in casing width between those and my narrow rims is just 3 maybe 4 millimeters. So really not a big deal. Just adjust your pressure accordingly.

So that going to be about it on last weekend. Looking forward Im going to get out on the bike in the morning. The fresh snow we just got might make the ride a lot of fun. We’ll see what the beach looks like….


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