Fatbike Weekend Day One

The group.


Ive decided to make the weekend into two separate posts. I could make it all in one but no one want to sit and read a blog for 20 minutes.

Day One: Was on the road for the four hour drive at about 6am as planned. A ton of freezing rain the nite before had the roads pretty slippery. Must have seen 20 cars in the ditch on the Interstate. But after an uneventful drive we made it to Marquette around noon. Checked in to the hotel, changed to riding gear and off the the trail head.

The famous “Cold Rolled” groomer.

Unfortunately about 6 to 8 inches of snow fell overnite. The groomer was out but had not had time to do a complete job. After talking to the locals it was decided to wait until tomorrow to hit the groomed trail giving the groom a day to set up. Also, the grooming crew had been in Cable, WI for a snow grooming workshop and had just got back as we arrived at the trail. Had that workshop not been the Thursday and Friday prior they would have been on the trails a lot sooner. I was a bit bummed we were not riding the groomed stuff. But when you are into snow sports you are at the mercy of the weather.

Awesome views on North trails.

So we headed to the “north” trails. We were told these were the “backup” trails to use when the groomed trails were not ridable. Not bike specific but heavily used by hikers and snowshoes. And we were pleasantly surprised at the conditions there. Very firm but as in any hiking trails not that wide. But totally ridable! We spent the rest of the day on those. By our home standards these were pretty much the most fun trails Ive been on. And up here they are second choice. Man, I cant wait till tomorrow.

More awesome views.

Very scenic. Not that far away from the Ore 2 Shore race I do every summer. In fact we were on the course on and off. Very cool to see the area in the winter. I was a bit crabby the groomed trails were not ridable but this totally made up for it. The riding on day one was great. After, we cleaned up pretty good and headed downtown for some food and spirits. Pretty much getting pumped up to hit the groomed South trails in the morn.

To be continued.


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