Even Warmer


Its been a long time since I can remember the lake so froze. Thats a big crack in the ice. With the ice going out as far as I can see. Way off Im not sure if thats steam or fog or what.

I read somewhere that the lake has froze completely across. Like in the 1930’s or something. Im sure that could be looked up. Anyway, the cold is on the way out. It was -6 this morn but has already shot up to 1 degree at 10am. The weather dudes are calling for 20 by this aft. I hope so as Im going to groom the park today.


Saw these two guys out on the formations this morn. Reminded me of the story I told prior. You would not catch me out there.

With the fatbike trip practically a day away I still have not hit “vacation” mode. Hopefully by tomorrow aft. I kinda am planning a quick ride tomorrow before the store opens. Just an hour or so. With the temps on the rise outside things will resume very soon.

Since last Saturday the only outside time Ive had was walking from the house or store to the car. Very depressing. While we did not break any records for low temps, it was a solid four days below zero. In that respect I heard its been 20 years since a cold snap like this. But this is Wisconsin, and we all survived.

Which will make this weekend trip all the better. Perfect timing. Even up in Marquette the temps will be near 30 and that’s awesome. I’ll start to get pumped tomorrow morn. I’ll be all packed by bedtime as we leave at 6am. By noon on Saturday we will be on the most famous groomed snowbike trails in the country.

Just typing that got me pumped a bit.

I’ll spend the rest of the day today prepping the store to operate without me this weekend, groom the park this aft, then I have a bike fitting a 6pm. Then prep for a morning ride. After that, I might be pretty exited the rest of the day.


Wa da ya think?

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