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With the weather being the big story. Only -5 this morn. And positive temps by noon. Life gets back to normal. Not that it ever was to begin with. Of course the store was slow during the “arctic vortex” but did use the time to good use with yesterdays inventory day. With the move last year I did not do inventory in 2013 so there was a ton of arguing with the computer. But it got done and the store is better off.

I still have not packed or done anything for the weekend trip. And thats because I plan excessively with all my trips. Maybe to a fault. One or two days before I always feel I should be doing something but its been done weeks ago. So all I have to do is sit and wait. Not that bad a deal as I need to groom the ski trails yet before I leave. Most likely tomorrow afternoon.

We leave early Saturday morn. Its a good four hour drive and I want to get there, check in hotel and hit the trails before 1pm. Ride most of the afternoon, head out for diner and hang a bit before bed. Sunday we will get up, head out for some breakfast, get back to hotel to change and check out and head out for round two of the snow bike trails. Then grab some lunch after and head home. My hope is more than 5 hours on the bikes between two days. That should be easy to do.

Lots of info on Marquette here.

I get there maybe three times per summer but have never been there in winter. The weather seems to be cooperating also. Just missed the cold by a few days. Temps will be near 30 on Saturday and Sunday up there. Near 40 back here. Such crazy temp swings. Hope the trails are still firm on Saturday aft. Sunday morn should be no problem. Heres a small link on the snow biking.

Im bringing a borrowed chromebook along so I hope posting should be no problem. Will give me something to do as I most likely will not stay out as long as the others. Im pretty boring in the late nite dept.

So my time during the next two days will be store, grooming trail and preparing for a super cool weekend. Not in that order.


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