915am -17 with huge formations. Cant see water anymore.

The big news here is of course the temp. Was looking at -17 when I came into work. While I agree to close the schools, I dont agree with the “apocalypse” that most are talking about. Yes, its cold. But cripes, its Wisconsin.

My bank was closed this morn. Whatever.

I must say the ice formations on the lake are about as far out as I can rememeber. Some spots close to 100 yards. Some looking like 15 or so feet high. Pretty cool.

When I was around 10 years old or near that, I remember walking out on the huge formations back then (early 70’s) with my brother and one of his friends. We were way out there. All of a sudden my brothers friend fell thru. Just a small 3 foot hole emerged under him. Instinctively he threw out his arms and was hanging there. To this day I remember the fear in is voice. Both me and my brother ran over, grabbed his arms and pulled him out. Looking down the hole all I saw was about a 10 foot wide cavern with of course water. Im not sure how far we were out on the lake but if he fell into the water there was no way we could have pulled him out. Maybe a 8 foot drop until he hit the water. If the water was over his head, or even close, he would have died for sure. It would have been most likely close to an hour before we could have brought help. I didn’t know the kid. Just knew his name was Eugene. How my life would have changed had that been tragic. To this day when Im riding the fatbike on the shores and people ride out on the formations I do not go. Not even for 10 feet.

Saturday three of us had a good ride. The cold had not yet hit and temps were in the upper 20’s. A bit windy but 30 good miles had we. Hope to keep that rolling thru the winter. I’ll miss next weeks ride but will of course replace it with snow biking in Marquette.

Sunday the temps started to plummet but I grabbed the ski’s and headed for the park. Temps around 7 or 8. Very doable.

However I borrowed a set of bindings for my ski’s as I had to sell the ones right off my ski’s as the sales are busy in that respect. And Im not sure why but I could not get my shoe to click in on one of the bindings. Granted I did not try a long time but 5 minutes of trying to click in was long enough for me to abandon and head back home. Thats were the weekend got a bit out of control as I sat on the couch, watched football and ate a lot. Very bad. Dammit.

This week is going to go fast also. Today is a down day. I’ll clean my office and do some paperwork. Not a lot of people going to walk in today. Tomorrow I will be doing store inventory. That takes most of the day. It will still be pretty cold. Sometime between Thursday and Friday I need to get on the groomer again as the snow was drifted over in the park. Then Friday prep for a early morn departure for Marquette. Busy week.

Might not have time to post tomorrow.


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