Marquette(MI) Here We Come

I went to groom the park this morn and the groomers battery was dead. So I found some time to post. I’ll groom this aft…

I think its time to talk about our upcoming trip in a week. 7 days from today about 10 of us are heading up to Marquette,MI for some time on their now famous snowbike trails. Will be up there two days.

Marquette has quickly become one of my favorite place to be. The downtown is welcoming, coffee shops and restaurants are good. The city has tons of bike paths that me and my wife use. Its got Ore2Shore and I for sure keep that on my calender every year. And tons of MTB trails that are second to none. Pretty much all I want in a summer getaway.

Now its going to my my fav winter getaway too. Many years the XC skiing there has been phenomenal. People have been going there for years. But I honestly think they are the leaders and innovators of the groomed fatbike snow trails.

Sure, there are some trail systems now grooming for fatbikes. But these people have been doing it for years. Years.

The Marquette area was fatbike way, way before fatbikes were cool.

Today they have about 15 miles of groomed trails that go over the river and thru the woods. There is no way I could not ride this. Only a short four hour drive makes this a perfect weekend destination for me. And now I have another reason to head up there. As if I needed one.

Its stuff like this that will put the fatbike craze up a notch. Its communities like Marquette that will take the fatbike from some weird utility bike to mainstream. As a dealer in these bikes I must personally thank everybody involved. To many to mention. Thank you. I am repaying my thanks by coming up there in a week and spending some money in your town. And bringing 9 more riders with me. And telling everyone I know about this.

And if thats not enough, Im coming back 14 days later for the Noquemanon bike race. Up in Marquette twice in two weeks. I could not be more exited. Im doing the shorter

I will be posting a ton from up there. Stay tuned if you want to see what its all about. Its still a week off and its all I can think about.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm.


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