New Years

New years Day

Ive never been a fan of New years. When I was younger I went out like everyone else, but never understood. Im not much of a drinker (alcohol). I’ll have a nice wheat beer now and then but nothing more than that. I remember people drinking shots of crap that tasted like kerosene and then puked their guts out before the nite was done. I remember always taking some ridicule for not drinking that crap. They said it was New years. I said so what.

That was a long time ago. 25 years. I was not in cycling then.

So for the New Years we babysat the grandkids. Not a bad gig.

Wednesday morn I headed out on a fatbike ride with others. It was 6 degrees. Its been so cold of late that we are getting used to it. Once we started riding we did not even notice the temps.

It was a awesome ride in the woods and beach. It was snowing pretty good and that just added to the effect of the winter ride. The woods was walked in pretty well and that made for good riding with the fat tires. Im glad I got out. I see a riding drought on the horizon. Extremely cold temps after the weekend. Lows at nite in excess of 20 below. Highs during the day not to exceed the negative. That is too cold to ride. I am preparing the spin bike.

I planned on riding (outside) in the morn tomorrow but think I have to groom the ski trails again. It snowed another 4 inches last nite. Right now is the best skiing as long as I can remember. I’ll try to do that more too. Remembering my resolution. More me time.

So I wont post tomorrow till late. After trail groom.


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