Hot\Cold w\ Resolution

Hot day in Vegas

I just came upon this pic from Vegas in Sept.

Then I thought that how weird it is that I have been on a bike at -8 degrees and 104 degrees. That is a temp swing of 112 degrees between the two rides

When you think about that its pretty incredible. Both rides came in Wisconsin.

Cold day in Wisco

This cold ride was sometime around 2006 or 7. Im not sure sure I could do that again. I do remember being cold but not bad. I was wearing about $1000 dollars of clothing if you include helmet and boots. At the time I thought nothing of this. Almost a three hour ride. Something like 35 miles.

Resting and drinking. Hot day.

Then there was the bike tour of 2012. July 4th week. 104 degrees on a 88 mile day. I drank 8 32oz Poweraids and did not pee once all day.

Here is my post that day.

Both hot and cold days was not a smart thing to do. But I lived to tell a story. Looking back I thought nothing of either day. While the hot day could have gone better I did prepare enough to not get in trouble. But it was close.

After reading the hot post again just now I really miss those trips. I did not take one this summer. I really need to set some time aside in 2014. In fact, that is my resolution. Take more time to do this stuff. Not work so much. (tough to do when you are self employed). Im thinking 2014 is finally the trip around Lake Michigan. Ive had that one planned out for some time now. At least 4 years.

Its time to start pulling the trigger on that stuff. Im not getting any younger.

So today I head into 2014 with some optimism. The store is doing well and I always set my sights high and will continue to do so. See ya next year.

Have a safe New Years.



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