First Ski


Had a nice quiet uneventful Christmas. Just the way I like it. It was very pleasant.

Now that the snow is here its game on. I love winter. I love playing in snow. Every year about this same stage  of winter I have big plans for skiing. I dont own a pair of skate skis but would love to try it. I have a ton of people who would borrow me a set. I dont stock them in the store. Just not a big call for it. Im sort of a classic guy anyway. I love skiing the smaller quieter trail systems.

But yesterday I took a Christmas lap around the State park I groom and I must say it damn near killed me. My bad knee was just not working right. It hurt a ton. And with that I pull back on my skiing ambitions. Back to just classic.

It was that bad. Bad enough to swear out loud. Bad enough to have the mindset to either lose weight or ditch it.

For me, bike riding with my extra weight is easy. I dont know why. It just is. Definitely easier on the joints anyway. So I just dont notice how bad my body is aging when I ride. Sure, going uphill is a chore. But not impossible.

But when I do something else, like skiing, Im reminded that Im not in such good shape. I cant fake it like in cycling. And I suffer greatly.

One would think that being in the profession Im in I would pay attention to that more. But again, I ride good enough. Not great but good enough.

Im not sure what it would take for me to hit rock bottom in the weight dept. but that 2.5 mile attempt as skiing came close. At what point am I going to think that I need to lose weight or just ditch everything.

I love being outside and I love to ride and ski. So I cant let that happen.

Ive got some thinking to do.


Wa da ya think?

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