I Was Pulling All Day


Another great snowy ride in the woods this morn. Always a great way to start the day. Dragged two others along. Just a dusting of snow had the trails fresh again. Its getting deeper in the woods and it was slow going. I had the pressure down to 8 pounds which is the lowest ever for me. Remember Im 250 pounds. The tires were squishy.

But there was enough float to get me by. With the skinny rims and smaller Nates for tires I was always a little ascared of not being able to ride with the guys without a struggle.

Today I broke trail all day. Breaking trail with a fatbike is like pulling in the peloton.

Your up front setting the tracks in the deep snow, working the hardest. The second bike back get a tire track to ride in. Third wheel has it even easier. You get the point.

So as in summer, we should all take turns pulling in fresh snow.

Unless you have a Moonlander. Under Fatbike rule #7 any Moonlander must always set track and pull the entire ride. Hey, I dont make the rules. I had a Moonlander last year and complied.

The weekend? I gatta work all weekend. I will start the group ride tomorrow but will cut short to be back at store by 10 to open. But a short ride is better than no ride. This Sunday is the last Sunday we are open till May. And thats a good thing. More riding time. Or skiing.

Between today and Monday the weather people are calling for 6 to 8. I hope so. That will put us over the edge for skiing and it will be game on. People are already calling for rentals.

So today I’ll prep for a rental ski surge. Besides the Xmas stuff. Work to do!

Have a great weekend. Get outside!


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