Plan Ahead


Another nice ride in the woods this morn. Three of us for about an hour and a half. And we are going to do it again tomorrow. Because there is a chance of a pretty good snowfall between now and Sunday. Could be up to 12 inches but most likely less. But it might be enough to kick us out of the woods until we get some kind of trail groomed in. Usually we wait a few days and maybe some snowshoes help us out a bit. But there is a limit to even fatbikes when the snow gets deep.

Then we hope the beach is still ridable. But even that go’s away. Today we spent some time along the lake but all the ice made it tough sledding. I fell. Twice.

Its been a tough start to winter in that respect. Cold early had us on the beach mid November. But as time passes and it get colder, maybe some nites below zero. Then the ice builds up on the shores and gets pushed up the beach with strong east winds. Limiting the area we can ride on. Then, we get the January thaw and as fast as the ice all built up it disperses and the cycle starts over again.

But by then the lack to riding gets offset by the skiing. Its just the cycle of outdoor activities. Just keep your options open, have all the equipment ready and roll with it. With proper planning you should never have to stay inside.


Wa da ya think?

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