Grooming w\Ships


Posting late. Took the groomer out to the park and tried to get some skiing going. No go. Not enough snow but close. I did roll in a base so we should be good to go next snow. Which looks like the weekend. Possible snow up to a foot on the 21st and 22nd. I say don’t get my hopes up.

Also 915am
As I got to the park I could not waste the ship sighted out on the lake. There were actually two in eyesight.

So I pulled the groomer up to let the ship photobomb the second pic.

Tomorrow I will again ride the fattie before work. Then it will come into the shop for a cleaning and tune up.

For the most part my fatbikes had lesser drivelines. Maybe X5 at best. But I built the Farley with XT and Im always a little more concerned running the drive thru the salt, sand and snow. Even tho that’s what the bikes are made to do. Wonder how I’ll feel about a carbon fattie when I get one. And eventually I will get one. But not for awhile.

So Ive been out of the store most of the day and need to get stuff done so I can play in the morning. So I’ll talk to ya after I ride tomorrow.


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