And So It Starts


Fresh snow and moderate temps. Time to ride.

The ride this morn was the first real fat tire ride of the year for me. And by that I mean I was riding the fattie where a normal MTB would have floundered. The snow was deep enough in the woods to require the float that the fat tires provide. Up to now I was just riding a fat bike where any other bike can go.

Today I was using the bike to its full potential and that’s a awesome feeling. Its like I was riding the bike for the first time. Again.


As usual, I started with way too much air pressure but once I figured out float was needed I brought it down to around 10. And it was game on in the woods. It was fairly slow going but that was fine by me as I just kept my head on a swivel and soaked it all in. Sun shining thru the trees. Snow crunching under the tires. Knowing that only someone with one of these bikes can be doing what I was doing. Thats kinda the cool part of this whole deal. The non believers are missing out.

Then, on to the beaches of frozen Lake Michigan. Early in the winter season we ride the beach with almost any kind of bike. The sand is frozen to the point of  being able to use road bikes. But after a few snowfalls and strong east winds the beach is rendered kinda unridable for others. And if they did try with a MTB it would not be much fun.

But not for us fat riders. We now own the beach. Its pretty much ours to ride alone.

Also 945am

So really, for me, fat bike season has officially started. Calling that out due to that fact that you need a fat bike to do this now.

So its game on as far as I can see. Ive waited a long time for this day. Riding my Farley earlier in the year when everyone else still had the summer MTB’s out. My fatbike being looked at as kind of a inconvenience  when riding with the group. The guys (and gals) making me suffer just a little more on the climbs.

Doing summer stuff on a winter bike.

Today that all stops. Today the tables are turned on the boys of summer. Snowy winter conditions now make the fatbike a necessity in the woods and on the beach. And while I wish there were more of us, I sure enjoy the quiet serene ride I had this morn. Many more to come.

Like I say to all the non believers, if you ride a lot, you will, in time have one of these bikes. Its useless to resist. Come over to the fat side. And be a kid again.

Do it for real.


Wa da ya think?

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