Cold Monday


Another weekend come and gone. And again with less riding than I thought. Saturday was a snowy mess. Roads were slushy and only six bikes showed. I rode the Trucker but it was soon that I wished I had the fatbike. But if we rode all the way to the restaurant the fat tires would suck with the 20 or so miles of road. Turns out we ditched that and stayed in the woods pretty much. Quite the handful with a steel tour bike. I actually ditched the group and took the road all the way home. The roads were unplowed and slippery. And I appreciated the full  fenders of the Trucker anyway.

20131216_091021[1]The the cold came back. Single digits on Sunday. Below zero this morn. Huge steam off the lake this morn. Cold temps and sunshine bring this early in the morn. Its kinda erie when its thick.

So no riding on Sunday. Which was fine cuz the store was busy. Nice to see on a Sunday. I only have one more Sunday open then its back to winter hours. I cant wait.

With the snow on the ground the ski’s are flying off the shelf. And that’s a good thing. The snow is almost enough to groom (classic). Some are already skate skiing in the Northern Kettles. Not enough to classic but here its pretty close. I might roll the trails in on Wednesday. Then be ready for the next snow….

I myself am getting exited to get on the ski’s. I don’t skate so must wait for more snow. And have thoughts of heading north for a weekend of skiing soon. Maybe right after Xmas.

Bring it.


Wa da ya think?

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