New Tire Friday

1005am New tires!

Got out for a little ride this morn. It was a balmy 17 degrees. It felt warm compared to the single digit stuff the last few days.  Had the new tires on the fatbike. Off came the small block pattern Knards and on with the very aggressive Nates. Even tho the casing read 4.0 they mounted smaller than the 3.8 Knards. At least by eye. I didn’t measure. They sure are small on the 47mill Northpaw rims.

But I believe these are the tire I will race with on snow. And they are a few grams lighter than the Knards too. If that matters. As long as things are frozen and hard these tires will be fast. But get into the soft stuff and I will suffer. Deep snow will not be good for me.

Ive come to the conclusion that I might just want another wheelset for the winter trail rides. Something at least 70 mil. Most likely Rolling Darryls at 82mil. I dont know. I’ll wait and see.

Being Friday I will set up my weekend as such: Saturday breakfast ride with the group. I’ll ride the Trucker but not sure if the beach will be good for that bike tomorrow. Today the sand was real dry and not froze at all. With MTB tires guys my size will struggle and by that I mean me only cuz Im the only one in the group my size. So the skinny guys and gals will not have a problem and I’ll just have to bail. Nothing I can do. I deal with it.

Sunday I work till two and hope to find a little time for the Farley. Most likely Evergreen Park cuz its closer to my house in case I need to be home for something. I think we may be taking the grandkids to see Santa. So I gatta be on call for that. So thats how I’ll call the weekend. Lets see if it go’s as planed.

Hope you get outside a bit this weekend too..


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