Based On Forecast

6 degrees 915am

Its kinda crazy how my life revolves around the weather. And the ability to look ahead and forecast.

Of course the store is greatly affected by weather. In both winter and summer and in-between. Spring of 2012 was awesome. Spring of 2013 not so much. Looking at sales numbers the swing is huge. In winter its the same thing. You can stock all the right winter stuff and if it never snows you sit on it and starve. When that happens its tough to look out the window at the store and watch things not go your way.

But personally I plan for the weather too. I have people who can come in and releave me from work now and then to let me go on a ride or whatever. But these people are not full or even part time employees by definition. Just guys who help me out.

So when I get one guy that can open one day next week I turn to the forecasts to see what day works best. Based on weather. This week I had today pegged but being only 4 degrees out had me cancel. But I canceled todays help on Monday having surfed the weather sites. Today I will again surf and look at next week, picking out the best day to ride and set up some help that day. Hoping it all go’s as planned.

One of the best sites is the National Weather Service. This is a government web site that actually works. It’s the site the meteorologists turn to for data.

Heres the site!

This is the information I base my life around. Its the center of my social and business world. I could not live without it. Another site I use for snow cover is John Dee. His info is no nonsense and usually spot on.

Heres that site.

Pretty much the first thing I do when I get to the store is hop on those sites to get the skinny on what’s going to happen in the future. And base my life around that. I probably make the right decision about 85% of the time. So I guess Im happy with that.

The temps are warming out  of the single digits for the first time in a week and I might just get on a bike tomorrow morn. Most likely the fatbike.

Cant wait.


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