Wednesday already?

With all the best intentions I have only rode a bike twice in the last 14 days. Extra hours at the store on weekends is part to blame. Missed last Saturdays ride due to the swap meet. I have pretty much every morning to ride but yesterdays lack of ride was due to the fact my accountant spent the morning on my computer. Also dashing any plans for a post here.

Today, its single digits for temps, tomorrow will be below that. All these little

DANO's Modern Life!

setbacks add up and before you know it its been two weeks since you last ride. I hate when that happens. I dont like it. I almost feel guilty. I should be riding no matter what.

But I forget that real life stuff trumps riding. Not that Im happy with that. But thats reality. I hate reality.

The fatbike movement is in full swing. The store has 3 on the floor for the first time this year. Mostly, there were sold before I got them. We have snow on the ground, not a lot but enough to change the way people think. People now buying XC ski’s too. The first snowcover is a trigger, like the first 50 degree day is in spring.

And snowcover brings the fatbike riding to a new level. The woods looks completely different. Everything looks fresh, new. Thats what I love about fatbikes. The same old trails become new again.

I am considering getting another wider wheelset for the winter. While the narrow 47mil wheels are fast I might be looking for more float in deep snow trails. Im thinking about it anyway. And off come the all around Knards for winter’s best Nate tires. I’ll race on Nates.

So as I sit here today, its 5 degrees out and going to be colder tomorrow. Friday maybe not so bad. Saturday in the 20’s and good to go. I do work all weekend but will find the time for a little riding. Or make the time if I have to.


Wa da ya think?

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